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Popular items

Biodore®, Drinking cup, Karton/PLA, 250ml, 8oz, 89mm, assorted

Product code 521084

Container, Karton/Coating, 120x70x35mm, white/Grey

Product code 411606

Soup bowl, Karton/Kunststof, 750ml, 26oz, black/White

Product code 450146

Biodore® Soup bowl, Kraft/PLA, 350ml, 12oz, brown

Product code 521241

Biodore® Plate, square, Bagasse, 260x260mm, white

Product code 521007

I'M Concept Bag, I'M a LUNCH bag, carrier bag, brown

Product code 650009

DEPA® Catering box, Tastyfood, Cardboard, 557x376x80mm, brown

Product code 621395

DEPA®, Ice-cream tub, ICE is (N)ICE, Cardboard/PE, 300ml, pink

Product code 224480

Container, Karton/Coating, 90x90x70mm, white/Grey

Product code 411602

I'M Concept, Coffee cup, I´M a HOT CUP Chalk, Cardboard/PE, 250ml, 8oz, 93mm, grey

Product code 613999