From champagne flutes to long drinks glasses and from milkshake cups to coffee cups: its wide range of glasses, cups and stirrers means whatever the drink and whatever the occasion Depa has what you need in house.

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I'M a HOT cup


Thermo Twin®


Best Sellers

I'M Concept, Coffee cup, I´M a HOT CUP Chalk, Karton/PE, 250ml, 8oz, 93mm, grey

Product code 613999

ThermoTwin®, Drinking cup, PP, 350ml, 12oz, transparent

Product code 686868

I'M Concept, Coffee cup, Karton/kunststof, brown/White

Product code 613990

Party cup, PS, 350ml, 12oz, 300ml, red

Product code 250201

Coffee cup, Karton/PE, 180ml, 7.5oz, black/White

Product code 157498

DEPA®, Coffee cup, Bamboe/PE, 180ml, 7.5oz, assorted

Product code 152000

Biodore® Soup bowl, Kraft/PLA, 350ml, 12oz, brown

Product code 521241

DEPA® Bottle, PET, sealable, with cap, 500ml, transparent

Product code 650015

Glass, bistro glass, PS, classic, 40ml, transparent

Product code 602603

Glass, soft drink glass, PET, 105mm, 0.3l, crystal-clear

Product code 230600